The Holding Cell

Sebastian Delacro - Master Illusionist


Sebastian Delacro is the world's greatest illusionist, but is also the world's greatest criminal. Your department has done the unthinkable and caught him red-handed, and are now holding him as he awaits trial.

While on duty, your job is to keep him put. You go to check on him and BAM! He appears to have vanished. You open the cell and go in to check it out. You realize the cell has closed behind you! He shut the cell and laughs as he escapes from the building on his way to catch a plane that leaves the country on 1 hour.

Well that's what you have to catch him again... 1 hour! Thank god there's an emergency method to get out, but it's your job to figure it out and catch Sebastian before he's gone forever!

Difficulty Level: 7.5/10

Minimum participants = 4

Maximum participants = 5

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