E5C4PE Fundraising

Escape rooms are becoming more popular as another recreational activity to do in the area. We have even noticed in our business that many like to give admission certificates as gifts for the holidays and/or birthdays. 

We have vouchers to sell where would just be a simple order form that each child would have to fill in and collect the money to turn in.

Vouchers for purchase will be at a discounted price of $15 each that will allow admission for 1 person to the escape room of their choice at our business. Once everything is turned in, we can send the number of vouchers that were purchased back to you to hand back out. The fundraising group will receive $5 back per voucher sold! The vouchers will have all the info needed on it for the purchaser of how to redeem and book their reservation.

As an incentive to sell vouchers, E5C4PE will also offer a pizza party to the class/team/group that sells the most vouchers (as long as this is approved by the organization doing the fundraising).

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