Sessions/groups will not be mixed with others. You will be booking a private session time for your group in the escape room of your choice only. For this reason, there will be a minimum of 4 per group in order to participate. Max number of people allowed in group is the room capacity.. varies per escape room chosen. Must book the 4 spots in the session/room you choose and if there any more than the 4 minimum that will be joining you may call to manually add them into the session or you may mark as a note in the online reservation form.

Reservations are REQUIRED!

There will be new session times Wed-Sun to allow for extra cleaning in between sessions. Please check the calender.

We will be closed Sat July 4th. 

For those that have vouchers that EXPIRE b/w the dates of March 16th through July 3rd... We will still honor your voucher until the end of JULY.

Please note: If you are booking for multiple people and it does not allow you to put in the total amount you are trying to book for, that means some spots in that session are already booked and there are only so many left remaining. Also, if you are booking seperately for a group please try to coordinate together and book around the same time to prevent another group from booking and not allowing your group to book together in the same room. In the case any of the above happens, no refunds will be issued. Only a credit to return another time will be given out as long as we are notified within 24 hours of your booked session.

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